Once upon a time, I used to write code for a living. It's been 21 years since. Nowadays, I sell code written by others. Some career highlights:

  • Responsible for Thought Machine’s payments business.
  • Spearheaded Thought Machine’s entry into North America and Africa, and expanded UK footprint for core banking.
  • Established Bloomberg’s Enterprise iPaaS (integration platform as a service) business in EMEA.
  • Delivered projects as a full-stack software engineering lead at UBS Australia.
  • Developed clustered file system components for supercomputers including NASA’s Project Columbia.

I have modest angel investments in certain private companies, namely Cabrito, Curve, Edmund Hillary, Freetrade, GuestReady, Hoptroff, LuggageHero, MQube and Small Robot Company.

In my spare time, I shoot still photos, make ambitious plans about curating them, and end up sharing a few. Some of these are available to buy as prints or digital downloads.

Work Experience

Thought Machine

2018 - Present

Managing Director - Payments Sales

As the 3rd member of our sales team, I was responsible for selling a mission-critical core banking platform. I played a pivotal role in establishing our sales engagement framework and growing the team. Concurrently, I led Sales Engineering and Solution Architecture for strategic tier 1 opportunities.

In late 2020, I assumed responsibility for driving sales growth, successfully securing our first cohort of US regional bank and fintech clients. As the North American team solidified its presence, I shifted my focus to closing our inaugural deal in Africa.

During my tenure, I witnessed the company's remarkable transformation from a startup to a unicorn valuation After leading strategic tier 1 sales in the UK for a couple of years, I now oversee Thought Machine's payments business.

Throughout my journey, I have demonstrated expertise in building effective sales processes, managing high-value opportunities, and driving growth in both domestic and international markets. I am excited to leverage this experience to further expand the company's payments offerings.


2016 - 2018

Sales Consultant | Enterprise Architect

Remember when everyone was saying "data is the new oil"? I was devising data science and analytics solutions at a London startup called Big Data Partnership. Our key customers were in financial services and the UK public sector. One fine day we got acquired!


2009 - 2016

Enterprise Sales | Sales Engineer | Integration Engineer

A couple of punts define this period. First was the move from Australia to London without a job during the global financial crisis. A few years as an Integration Engineer led to the second punt. I volunteered to build a startup within Bloomberg. Before cloud and SaaS had crossed the adoption chasm, we scaled a business for financial services iPaaS and low code tools on Bloomberg's private cloud. Thus began my transformation from an engineer to a technology sales leader.


2005 - 2009

Systems Analyst | Software Engineer

An internship project led to a permanent job offer — software development for back and middle office applications. As the internet was becoming ubiquitous in the pre-smartphone era, I engineered and launched UBS Australia's web application to incorporate two-factor authentication and real-time transaction reporting for high net worth clients.

Silicon Graphics

2004 - 2005

R&D File Systems Engineer

A 3D graphics pioneer and frequent contributor to Academy Awards for Visual Effects, SGI had a software engineering outpost in Melbourne. I worked on clustered file systems for Storage Area Networks and high-performance computing clusters; and re-engineered parts of IRIX, thanks to SCO.


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