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Modern Anxiety

Modern Anxiety

A relentless melonfarmer lets in the black dog. An endless uphill journey begins. Dark shadows follow rays of sunshine.

As seen at Fish Island, East London, in 2017.


Women’s rights protest in Melbourne

We the People

Millions of people participated in a global human rights event coinciding with Donald Trump's first week in office to protest against misogyny.

Shot in Melbourne, Australia, on the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke streets, with Flinders Street station in the background.


A Mini convertible parked indoors

Not Normal

It's Not Normal to find a Mini indoors.

Taken from Jubilee Greenway near London Stadium heading towards Victoria Park.


Arthurs Bar and Lounge, AC/DC Lane, Melbourne.

Closed for business

The previous incarnation of this website faced technical issues in 2005. It's been "closed for business" since, with this perhaps appropriate shot of Arthurs nightclub at infamous AC/DC lane in Melbourne, Australia. Arthurs closed permanently in 2005.

This photo was taken using a 35mm film SLR camera. My daily driver back then was a Konica TC-X, which I mainly used with FujiColor 100 ISO film. Hat tip to Jean-Jacques for the labour of love that is Konica Files.